Please call before shipping your quilt to confirm a reservation in my quilting schedule, and to let me know it's on it's way. 262-206-8946

Fill out the Order Form and include it with the quilt and a 50% deposit.

Review Preparing Your Quilt Checklist

Carefully fold the quilt top, etc. and place it in a plastic bag before packaging it in a sturdy carton for shipping.

It is best to ship on a Monday, so it won't be sitting in a shipping warehouse over a weekend.

Do not mark outside of box with the word "QUILT". This may encourage theft. Use the word "BEDDING" if required for insurance. Insure your quilt for $100.

Ship to:
Busy Old Crows
Judy Johnson
33919 Yahnke Road*
Burlington, WI 53105

*Attention local quilters-
Please visit with an advanced appointment only. 262-206-8946

When I receive your quilt, I will review your requests, measure and check over your quilt top, backing, etc. I will then contact you to confirm the total cost for the services to be provided and a completion date.

Upon receipt of final payment, your quilt will be shipped backed and insured for $100 unless you specify it to be more

Don't forget to review Preparing Your Quilt Checklist. This will save you time and money.

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