Basic Overall Quilting- $.015 to .02 per sq. in.

Pantograph or freemotion quilting literally from edge to edge, regardless of borders, sashings or quilt pattern. There is almost an unlimited variety of designs to choose from. Select from one of mine or click on Judy's Links to browse my favorite pantograph pattern websites to find just what you're looking for. I'll order it to add to my stock. Prices based on small, medium and large scale designs.

Basic overall quilting is great for a busy quilt that stitching won't show up well in anyhow. It's durable and practical for utility quilts (quilts for everyday use). Good for those on a budget, but sometimes this doesn't do the quilt justice. Consider the next level, Freemotion/Custom Quilting to compliment all your hard work.

Freemotion/ Custom Quilting- $.02 to .0275 per sq. in.

Includes a combination of separate border work from the body of the quilt, minimal stitching in the ditch, and separate stitching in sashings.

This works well with quilt tops that have special borders and areas that quilting will show and enhance your piecework.

Detailed Custom Quilting- $.03 to .05 per sq. in.

This option includes individual block designs (for samplers and solid blocks) and other more complex quilting such as echo, stitching in the ditch, cross hatching, and stippling or small background fill.

Make this choice for that special quilt that deserves the same attention that you gave to designing and piecing it. You'll be glad you did!

Heirloom- starting at $.06 per sq. in.

Highly detailed, dense quilting and trapunto. Prices determined on an individual basis after viewing quilt and requests.

All prices in this website are subject to change without notice.
Contact us to confirm current rates.

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