Check out any of the following sites to find a pantograph or stencil you'd like me to use on your quilt. If I don't already have it, I'd be happy to order it and add it to my stock.

Anne Bright Designs
Quilts Complete
Willow Leaf Studio
Urban Elementz
Digi-Tech Designs
Intelligent Quilting

Check out these favorites I use for very helpful TIPS & TECHNIQUES for better quilting:

Making a Quilt Sleeve
Attaching Borders
Quilting Tidbits
Binding a Quilt
Quilt University

Some more of my favorites:

Ben Franklin, Oconomowoc
Vanilla Latte Quilts
Sew 'n Save
Buttons and Bolts

Quilts for Missions:

LWMS Lutheran Women's Missionary League

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